Launch of Upgraded EF30 in the Market

Launch of Upgraded EF30 in the Market

With unique advantages of light weight and high-power, Hidea’s EF30 is the most powerful EFI outboard motor of two cylinders in the market.

In order to make it into a star model, Hidea improved the total quality of EF30 recently by taking the following actions: the material of the crankcase was switched to the same like the one for Japanese outboard motors, which contributes to its better compact and flowable performance;  the machining accuracy and assembly tolerance were upgraded;  the power trim system was switched to  American brand, and the sourcing of wire harness was changed to new supplier with better stable quality.

Also the improved EF30 has passed 500 hours of destructive testing on the sea and attained its designed specification , which ensure its successful relaunch in the market soon.

Primary Color

Secondary Color